About Us

BetRoad is a company registered in the UK that focuses on analytics and making a profit by betting on various sporting events. Our professional team includes people who have expert knowledge of various sports. Our analysts have developed special algorithms, due to which we can successfully calculate the possible result of one or another event with a high probability of a positive outcome. Agents of our team have permanent access to sources of insider information on contractual sports events. It is the well-coordinated work of our friendly team that keeps us ahead of our competitors!

Non-professional approach and gambling thrill are the primary disadvantages that are detrimental to the development of a new capper. We have enough experience and expertise that allows us to avoid making such mistakes.

All our experts bets are based on multiple factors gathered together and analyzed from different angles. We consider the history of the entire team as well as of individual players (or horses/riders if we talk about horse racing), statistics of the last games (races). Besides, our experts also analyze the physical and psychological form of the players (both the horse and the rider), check the information for a possible negotiated event, choose the right bookmaker, etc.

Such a work approach ensures that our workers almost always get positive results, which favorably contribute to the stable financial development of BetRoad company.

The BetRoad Company was founded back in 2011. Back then, our team consisted of only three people. During the first 2 years, our focus was almost entirely on horse and dog racing. As invaluable experience came in, the need for staff expansion became acute. We initiated a thorough selection of analysts of other sports. As a result of the qualitative selection of new employees, we managed to reach a new, higher level of development in a relatively short period, which allowed us to displace a lot of our rivals. We collaborate with such well-known offices as Bwin, Unibet, Pinnacle, Betfair betting, and many others.

Our work is mainly conducted on the Internet, but to conclude some transactions, as well as to obtain important insider information, we also hold offline meetings. We have employees in different countries working with athletes, coaches, managers, and other people involved in our business. If you have an interesting offer or queries regarding cooperation, please email us at

On May 28, 2020, the investment platform was established for the companys planned development. Anyone who has reached the age of majority (even those without any knowledge of betting and sports) has a chance to earn guaranteed profits by investing. Our financial department specialists have carefully considered interesting investment offers to ensure long and productive work. Please visit the Investments section to learn more about them.