Affiliate Program

To encourage active partners, BetRoad has created an attractive two-level affiliate program. The programs basic idea is that anyone who invites an active investor using his/her referral link will receive a financial reward. The reward amount depends directly on the invited partners investment amount and will be 5% of the first level partners deposits and 1% of the second level partners investments.

From deposits of partners of the first level


From deposits of second level partners

Lets say that James has registered using your referral link and made an investment of $1000. You will receive 5% of this amount, which is $50. Later, James, your affiliate, invited Jessica, who deposited $2,000. From this amount, you will receive 1%, which in this case is $20.

To receive referral fees, you do not need to have active investments. We have no limitations: the amount of affiliate accruals will depend completely on your activity.

To support the active partners of our company, we have designed colorful banners that you can place on websites, forums, social networks, etc. You may find them in the advertising section of your personal cabinet.

If you have a blog, a social media group, or just know a lot of people who want to participate in our program, we are ready to discuss individual partnership terms. Feel free to email us to