General Matters

Is BetRoad an official company?

Yes. Our company is officially registered in the UK under 12743742 code and has all documents proving it. You can verify the company registration by clicking on the link.

How do I become a BetRoad partner?

Anyone who has reached the age of majority in their country can become a partner and investor. We follow strict policy and do not distinguish between people by gender, skin color, religion, and so on.

Do I need to pay fees to become a BetRoad participant?

You can join BetRoad at any convenient time absolutely for free. We have no registration or membership fees.

What are the purposes of the BetRoad platform?

The BetRoad investment platform was created so that anyone could take part in the companys work without risks and make a profit by investing, which, in turn, will increase financial turnover and help the company to reach higher levels of development.

How do I register on the BetRoad platform?

We have made the process as simple as possible. You need to follow the registration link and fill in all the fields. Please be careful to keep your registration data in a safe place and remember that the password must be at least 6 characters long.

How do I access my account?

Click on the login button and enter the data you specified during registration in the corresponding fields.

What should I do if I forgot my password or login?

Click on the Restore password link and enter your email address or login details specified during registration. You will receive an email with a link to recover your password to the email address specified upon registration.

Can I re-register from the same IP address?

Under the terms of our project, such actions are unacceptable! If we detect such a violation, the violator's account will be blocked and funds frozen.


What does BetRoad have to offer?

Our company has two investment offers. If you choose the first one, the deposit will be returned at the end of the investment term, if you choose the second one, the deposit will be included in the payments. For detailed information, please see the Investments section.

How do I invest?

To create a deposit, log in to your personal cabinet, go to the Create deposit page, select the investment plan and payment system, enter the amount, and click Submit. Next, carefully check the information. If all is correct, click on the Process and you will be redirected to the payment page. You can also create a deposit from your account balance.

What is the profit accrual process in BetRoad?

The first profit is accrued exactly 24 hours after the deposit creation and then daily, according to the terms of the selected investment offer.

How do I change the selected investment plan?

Be careful when creating an investment as you will not be able to change the plan after making a deposit!

Which payment systems does BetRoad company work with?

We have now connected the most convenient and popular payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. The list of payment systems will be expanded when necessary in the future.

Do you have any limits on the number or amount of investments?

You are not limited by the number of possible deposits, but you can invest from $10 to $100000 at one time.

How long will my deposit be active?

All system deposits become active right after creation. When creating a deposit in the cryptocurrency, you should wait for the network confirmation.

Withdrawal of Funds

How do I create a withdrawal request?

If you reach the amount available for withdrawal, go to the Withdrawal of funds page in your personal cabinet, choose the payment system where you have funds, enter the amount in the corresponding field, click Withdraw, and confirm the request.

Do you have limits on the number and amount of withdrawals?

You are not limited by the number of withdrawal requests, but we have a limit on the minimum withdrawal amount. You can request a withdrawal if you have at least $0.10 in dollars or $5 in cryptocurrency in your account.

Can I withdraw funds to different payment systems?

When creating a withdrawal request, you can mark only the payment system with funds on it. You cannot withdraw funds to different payment systems.

Does BetRoad charge a fee for withdrawals?

No. You will receive the exact amount you specified when requesting the withdrawal.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

All requests are processed by our financial department daily. The maximum possible waiting period for the receipt of funds is 36 hours after requesting the withdrawal.

Affiliate Program

Does the BetRoad Company have an Affiliate program?

Affiliate accruals at BetRoad are 5% of direct guest deposits and 1% of Level 2 partners. For more detailed information, see the Affiliate program section.

How can I participate in the Affiliate program?

Once you have registered in your personal account, you will receive a personal link and promotional materials that you can use for advertising. Invite new participants to our project, develop your partner structure, and get referral fees from their financial activity.

Is it necessary to have an active investment to receive a partner fee?

No. The earnings in the Affiliate program do not depend on the active deposit of the participant.