Rules & Privacy Policy

The administration of web-platform represented by BetRoad company brings to your attention the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, under which the BetRoad investment platform works. This Agreement contains complete Terms of Use and all existing limitations that BetRoad (hereinafter referred to as the Company) undertakes to comply with as it interacts with all program participants. Each participant (hereinafter referred to as the User) is obliged to read these Terms in detail and comply with them. We strongly recommend you to carefully read all paragraphs of the current Terms of Use and never violate them!

General Provisions

1.1 The Company interacts with Users only under this Agreement. There can be no exceptions! The User should know his or her rights and obligations and keep in mind the peculiarities of cooperation.

1.2 Only persons who have reached the age of majority and do not violate the laws of their country of residence may participate in the investment program.

1.3 Creation of an account, investment actions, financial transactions, participation in the Affiliate Program, and other types of cooperation are decisions that the User makes only voluntarily and without any external influence.

1.4 By visiting the website and using any of its options, each visitor and User confirms that he/she has read this Agreement, he/she understands everything, he/she agrees with all provisions and undertakes to comply with them in full. Otherwise, we ask you to leave the website immediately!

Rights and obligations of the Company

2.1 The Company undertakes to ensure the stable operation of the website and provide free access to each User's personal cabinet.

2.2 The Company undertakes to eliminate technical malfunctions and failures that may occur in the event of force majeure as soon as possible.

2.3 The Company undertakes to fulfill its financial obligations.

2.4 The Company shall take full liability for the safety of each Users funds.

2.5 The Company ensures to make timely payments on deposits and accruals of the Affiliate Program, according to the project rules.

2.6 The Company shall provide full protection of personal data of Users according to the Privacy Policy.

2.7 The Company undertakes to provide individual technical assistance to each User as fast as possible.

2.8 The Company shall not be liable for the Users failure to access the Website/Personal Office for reasons beyond our control. These include the absence of the Users Internet connection, blocking our web resource by the Internet provider, and the like.

2.9 The Company shall not be liable for the loss of funds from the Users personal accounts, which may occur through the fault of the account owner due to failure to observe basic security rules (unreliable password, transfer of personal data to third parties, hacking into the payment system account, etc.) or because the program participant entered his or her details incorrectly.

2.10 The Company shall not be liable for the disclosure of the Users personal information, which has been intentionally or not intentionally initiated by the User.

2.11 The Company may refuse to provide services to the User and suspend/block the account for several reasons: severe non-compliance with the applicable Terms of Use, attempt to hack into the website, fraud, multi-accounting, blackmail, threats, defamation of the Company (libel and dissemination of untrue information), causing any other damage that may affect the stable operation of the website or adversely affect the reputation of the Company.

2.12 The Company treats SPAM advertising in a very negative way. It is strictly prohibited to promote our project in this way!

2.13 The Company retains the right to add new information to the website or to edit/update current information at any time.

2.14 The content (texts, images, and other elements) contained on the pages of website is the Companys intellectual property and is protected by copyright according to the law. It is strictly prohibited to copy (in whole or part) and distribute this content for purposes other than those specified! The Companys administration shall not be liable for any actions of individual Internet resources that illegally use content not belonging to them for fraud, deception, or other illegal actions.

2.15 The Company retains the right to amend, supplement, or add new sections and paragraphs of the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time. The Companys administration undertakes to notify Users of changes in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, both on the site itself and on our official community pages in social networks.

Rights and obligations of the User

3.1 A visitor to the website can become a full-fledged member of the BetRoad investment program if he or she is of legal age and does not violate the laws of his or her country of residence.

3.2 A visitor to the website who meets the criteria described in paragraph 3.1 of this Agreement has the right to create an account (to register) in the system.

3.3 Prior to registration, a potential Program Participant must familiarize himself/herself with the current Terms of Use.

3.4 Under paragraph 2.11 of the Terms, users can have only one account. Having multiple accounts is prohibited!

3.5 The registration of a new BetRoad account is absolutely free and should be voluntary.

3.6 Each User of the Program undertakes to ensure the security of his/her personal account by creating a strong password, storing registration data (login and password) in a safe place, and under no circumstances transferring this data to third parties!

3.7 Creating a new account does not oblige the User to start an investment or other activities.

3.8 The User can create a request to delete his/her personal account at any time. The account will be deleted along with the Users personal data, it will be impossible to restore it!

3.9 After registration, each User has a right to use all options of the program on an exclusively voluntary basis: use investment offers and create one or more deposits, work with the affiliate program, participate in active promotions and contests, withdraw money using any of the available methods and use them at his/her sole discretion.

3.10 The User undertakes to use only payment tools and details belonging to him/her for deposit/withdrawal of funds.

3.11 It is prohibited to participate in the program using means that have illegal origin!

3.12 Under the Affiliate Program, the User shall have the right to use advertising materials presented on the website to promote the project.

3.13 It is prohibited to share false or misleading information that could in any way harm the Companys reputation.

3.14 When working with the Affiliate Program to attract referrals, the User shall use only decent advertising methods. It is strictly prohibited to deceive and mislead potential Users of the program! According to paragraph 2.12 of the current Terms, it is not allowed to use SPAM to attract partners to the project.

3.15 It is strictly prohibited to perform any actions or manipulations that could in any way interfere with the operation of the website. If the User detects any errors or problems in the operation of the web platform, he/she is obliged to inform the technical support about it immediately.

3.16 All possible disputes and disagreements that may arise in the course of the project shall be resolved directly through technical support by negotiations between the User and the Company administration.

Privacy Policy

The Companys administration pays due attention to the protection of personal data of each User. To store and protect data, we use reliable software that fully complies with modern security requirements.

The Program Participant shall be well-informed that in addition to such data as login, e-mail, password, details which the User specifies during the process of account creation and further work with the project, our system responsible for website traffic analysis collects such data as IP address, location, and type of device, browser and the like.

The Company ensures the safety and complete confidentiality of all personal data of Users. All information is securely protected and will never be disclosed to third parties.